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At the WCJJA, we teach traditional Wing Chun using a fun and modern approach – our students love it!
When observing Wing Chun in action, its apparent signatures are perpetual explosive techniques that are both direct and aggressive. Yet Wing Chun can still be practiced in a controlled and extremely safe manner.
Wing Chun techniques and concepts are simple, direct and practical.

Who is it for?

This programme has been especially designed for individuals where career or family circumstances prevent you from devoting your lifetime to learn a Martial Art.
We understand what today’s generation wants, so we just get “straight to the point” ..... ......... "HOW TO APPLY WING CHUN ON THE STREETS!" where reflexes must be simple, natural, automatic and more importantly, effective – allowing you to defend yourself quickly, using the minimum energy, yet with the maximum effectiveness (minimum input ...... maximum output).

Wing Chun for Street Combat is an effective and fun programme tailored for todays’ generation - and it’s fun too!


How we stand out from other Wing Chun schools:

Class details


Instructor: direct student of NG Chun-hong and 3rd Generation student of Yip Man (Ip Man).
Instructor: studied Wing Chun 14 years in Hong Kong 8 years in UK, and 12 years in Canada.
Wednesday’s 6:30pm – 8:30pm (additional days will be added shortly).
Paired/one-on-one training (as close to private tuition you could get).
- Develops your confidence to apply your own natural reflexes when faced in combat.
Bring loose clothing and sports shoes. there is no uniform, but School T-shirt should be purchased after your first month.
Level 0 (beginner), 1, 2, and 3.


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