My Sifu &
Dai Si-Hings

While residing in the UK, Marvon’s first exposure to Martial Arts was during the early 70's where he practiced over the years Karate, Boxing, Wu Shu, and Kali. Marvon then transitioned to studying Wing Chun (UK, 9 years).

In 1993, Marvon Wilkinson immigrated to Hong Kong with the primary objective to study Wing Chun under the close guidance and supervision of his teacher, Sifu Ng Chun Hong, where Wing Chun was taught in its purest, authentic and traditional form (HK, 14 years).

After immigrating to Toronto Canada, the best way Marvon could continue to practice the same "flavour" of Wing Chun as taught by my Sifu Ng Chun Hong was to open my own school. In 2009 the Wing Chun Jing Jung Association was established in Toronto, Canada with the primary aim to provide an environment where students are able to study and learn the Wing Chun Jing Jung Kung Fu system in its orthodox, unaltered form, “Jing Jung” (Ca, 13 years).


Marvon Wilkinson


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